domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009

We share our experiences together

Fifth graders are working on some work with pupils with special educational needs.
All together in the special education class, we read texts of the story "The Sound of Colors" which has some fantastic illustrations.
They have told us as did the planets of the solar system which were included in the hallway.


We put our shelves in the hallway with our respective zodiac sign.

WE ARE IN "The universe and the solar system"

We love stars and we are interesting in Universe. At Christmas, the sky and stars have an important role. We put stars in the horoscope in the hallway.
Each is looking for your zodiac sign. Then put your photo and name with its corresponding sign.

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

The universe and the solar system

We are prepare in our corridor the solar system with planets. We read the comics of Tintín in the Moon and the book"The Little Prince" de Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
We unite WATER-STARS-LIFE. We are learning with all the senses, the Space-Universe-Stars and our planet EARTH with the principal element of Life: WATER.
The Universe is very big and we don´t know a lot.
The Kindergarten classes decorated the hall of school with the stars and planets of Universe in Crhistmas time.

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Chestnut festival

We celebrated the chestnut festival in the school with traditional games and we roasted the chesnut to eat, they were delicious.

Comenius Room


This school year we put our paintings and works of all partnes school who are working in the project. The children, parents and teachers can see pictures of works of students form other countries in the hall of scool.

miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Study visit Comenius. Polish teachers visit our school

We had a visit of polish teachers who work in our project Comenius "Learning with all the senses".
They were in Vigo from 24th to 28th of October. They are teachers in Special Education Schools.
They visit our school to talk with the teachers and the pupils. They wanted to know how is our spanish education and how is the special education.


1-To visit a Special Education School “Saladino Cortizo”
In this center there are children with special educational needs between E. Children up to age 21.
There are training programs for students 16-21 years for their integration into the world of work:

2-To visit A.P.A.M Association of parents of children with cerebral paralysis and mental and physical disabilities that promotes the development of these people to participate actively in our society.
Workshops are held with hand preference handicrafts.

-An excursión to Cabo Home and other places in the coast(The bay Ría de Vigo in Atlantic Ocean)


1-Visit Igualarte foundation
Galicia's first art school for people with special educational needs.

2-Visit our our School CEP Seis do Nadal where you can see our classes of Special Education and same clases with integration of some children

3- Come back to our school to meet with teachers without children .