martes, 17 de marzo de 2009


We do some activities to show how to learn with senses: how to use taste,
touch and sight to notice water properties and to learn playing.

The first experiment is with transporting of water. We are doing experiments with water. We have a workshop of WATER.

In the second experiment, we have bottles with diferent liquids and colours. We talk about taste, colour, smell...

With closed eyes, we try to recognize with taste familiar liquids like milk, juices, cokes...


We celebrated Carnival at school. The subjet was art and painting. Every students and teachers wore a fancy dress :we are the dancers of Degas. All pupils of school went for a walk around the area where we live. We had a very good time.

martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

We are learning with paintings

We went to visit Laxeiro house: a painter from Galicia.
Laxeiro is a modern painter of s.XX.
We listened to the explanations of the guide. After, we drew and painted with Laxeiro inspiration.

Good bye, my teachers

We did a big party
Hello, I am Dani
Natalia and Marcial are junior teachers , they go away to get their degree.
I think that the pupils of her class are very sad because they enjoy a lot how she teaches mathematics.
We give them a present. Our greetings from Vigo.