martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Lighthouse game

We are made a new game
All paintings are made on the subject of the sea and the Cies Islands, the sea environment and the sea. Fields with his paintings have a background of a color. Each color signifies a sense
Each group of boxes have a color that meaning a sense:

Red: It belongs to the group smell

Pink: It belongs to a group of touch

Orange: It belongs to the group sound

Green :Belongs to the group of taste

Yellow: It belongs to the group sight

Blue: It belongs to the group of lighthouses

Brown: It belongs to the group of traps


-All the players throw the dice. Who take the highest number begins.

-If you get into a trap will have to answer to a question. If the failures back off 2 boxes and hit it if you stay on the site to wait for your next turn.

-If you fall into a beacon jump to the next and strip again.

-The first to reach finish line wins

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